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Life of a French Fry

A story from a French Fry perspective. I started my life as growing under the ground. It was warm and safe in the brown dirt. Every other day some water would come from above...


Animals of Florida

Today was a day out with a guide in the back woods. Nature was all around us the guide’s name has to be kept secret but he left us take his picture. He was...


Hockey and Cold

This past weekend we attended a hockey game at a local sports arena. The game was the Bridgeport Sound Tigers vs Ottawa. The game was well played with two teams wanting to win, its...

Space matters to spark creativity 0

Space matters to spark creativity

As I investigate the nature of creativity, there is a link to the space and the idea generation that sparks creativity. Creativity is a development of an idea, or building something that is different...

Tennis innovation 0

Tennis innovation

I am watching the 2017 US open in New York, as I watch the tennis players.  I look at a game that some say hasn’t changed or innovated in years,  They are still playing...

Meeting Mike Abbott 0

Meeting Mike Abbott

We recently talked about the change in Credit Card Processing that is using NFC (Near Field Communication) to transfer payments from our phone to payment stations at all the retail stores of Walgreens, WalMart,...

Credit Card Innovation 0

Credit Card Innovation

I was thinking about this recently especially when it comes to the new Apple pay feature that exist for iPhones 6. My parents generation grew up where the society always preferred cash.  They never...

Is Coffee Innovative? 0

Is Coffee Innovative?

Do you consider coffee to be innovate?   Recently I was thinking about this over my morning routine.  I walk downstairs and pick from a selection of different types of Keurig K-cup coffee flavors from...

Anyone can be an innovator. 0

Anyone can be an innovator.

I read this article and felt very inspired.  If they could do it we all can do it.

NetFlix innovation  0

NetFlix innovation 

I recently started to get back into NetFlix, I have been one of those subscribers that has had it since its inception when they only had DVD’s and then when Starz was part of...