Tennis innovation

I am watching the 2017 US open in New York, as I watch the tennis players.  I look at a game that some say hasn’t changed or innovated in years,  They are still playing on standard courts with the same size that has existed in the game for years.   I would tend to disagree since I have seen lots of technology innovation that has integrated into the game.

Some of those innovations that I have seen are:

  • Video replay and player review.  I watched a game where the players had challenges to see if the ball was in or out.  Each player would review different shots they felt the judges didn’t make the on court judge make the call they wanted to hear,  we could see the results almost immediately,  this showed me how every pat of the court has a camera on it.   
  • The views of the players, we see the players in so high definition and replay.  One announcer took us move by move to show us how a perfect swing is suppose to work.  I could never remembering see this much detail in the past.
  • The tennis rackets have improved so much with the enhanced strings and the lighter rackets allow them to hit the ball faster.
  • The speed of the serves which is the first ball a player connects with across the court.   I am amazed at the ball speeds of over 100 miles an hour.   I couldn’t imagine aball coming    me that fast.  I know I would want to have more then just a racket to protect myself,

From what I seen tennis is innovating right in front of our eyes.   I can’t wait to see what changes next.

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