Life of a French Fry

A story from a French Fry perspective.

I started my life as growing under the ground. It was warm and safe in the brown dirt. Every other day some water would come from above and quench my thirst. As I sat there I continued to grow. I enjoyed the darkness.

Then one day which seemed so sudden I was plucked from the dirt which I had called home, and been flung through the air. My body was spinning somersaults over and over, while I was trying understand what was happening a howling sound was hitting my face. My hair seemed to be standing on end. I couldn’t see anything because there was this bright light all over. As soon as the flying threw the air happened it stopped by me landing on my friends. Billy, Rob, Paula and Brenda were all here out of the ground hanging out.

The next thing I remember since I was so exhausted by the excitement earlier was sitting and moving very fast down a ramp with my friends. There were no screams even though it looked like the darkness had swords moving up and down in front of me. I reached the end my head, body and feet were all separated in to pieces. There was no sadness just much confusion. We were put in a bag and then it got so cold I blacked out.

My next memory was my head burning up and getting very very hot. The liquid was surrounding my body and I kept getting hotter. I expected to die just here in this strange liquid but just before I could I was scooped out and dumped on a white dish. I was handed to someone then as quick as I was plucked out of the earth. I was dipped in some red and yellow cream, raised up in the air, I saw some white razors on a human coming at me before I knew what happened I died.

The life of a French Fry by David

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