iPhone 11

I purchased an iPhone 11 to replace my iPhone 6s which had been having battery issues and randomly been turning itself off and on during the normal day. Since I have it I begin to experiment with the variety of functionality.

I would call this a iPhone 11 review with ios13 built in

Dark mode

  • This is the feature I had most wanted since I felt the brightness of normal mode want always necessary. The black background makes everything easier to read. I also find it takes less battery life having to turn on and off each pixel.


  • Most people told me CarPlay was awesome I didn’t realize how integrated it was until I had a car which was compatible then everything in my vehicle seemed to be upgraded. Text messages with Siri, easy navigation.
    The new home screen with ios13 definitely improvise on these great features. I know where I am instantly, my music is accessible and my day at a glance is there. I defiantly feel this is something all iPhone users should take advantage of as we move around in this fast paced world.


  • I am still experimenting with it but took an awesome snow video that is below. I am not familiar with all the portrait features but it definitely is going to make me think of I should still bring my zoom point and shoot Panasonic camera on trips
  • [wpvideo 4CkX36oj ]

Feb 2020

Now it’s been a few months and here is my experience

  • The battery life is amazing. It runs for over a day on a charge
  • The Face ID is difficult to master on the iPhone11 especially with someone who has glasses and sometimes doesn’t need them to read
  • Dark mode is so easy to use I get spoiled when I switch to a computer that doesn’t have it.
  • I like wireless charging and find it useful but not a show stopper
  • The swipe typing is great especially if you have big fingers.

My recommendation is get one.

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