Hockey and Cold

This past weekend we attended a hockey game at a local sports arena. The game was the Bridgeport Sound Tigers vs Ottawa. The game was well played with two teams wanting to win, its always exciting. The checking off the boards was intense, the game seemed to fly we were all having a great time but except for the cold.

The arena was the Webster Bank Arena was this beautiful place that reminds you of all the other arena’s in the United States but has this quant comfortable feel. We were impressed but then we entered the arena. I had felt like I went into a freezer, the seats were ice cod the kind of cold that you feel when you want outside on one of those 20 degree or below days. With the sun shining but its doing nothing to get the chill out of the air. I sat there with cold air blowing on us having to put my gloves, hat and scarf on just to keep warm. I learned a lesson today either to avoid hockey games or bundle up like you are going into the Artic to watch a game.

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