Staying Motivated

I was asked yesterday how do you stay motivated during COVID19?

I was thinking about this question overnight and realized that it might be helpful to share what I am doing to keep my motivation up during the time of the pandemic.

A few helpful tips that I do to keep myself motivated.   For during the week I have keep to the same schedule that I keep to when I am going to work.  I am up around 6:15am. I work out and then start my day around 8am.  This is the same time I would normally get to work each day.

  • In my house I setup a place that is a table (I am using our dining table) where I have a clear area away from distractions.
  • I setup my computer and a pen/paper.  The Pen and notebook I use to jot ideas down, keep track of what I want to accomplish each day and to cross of things that I completed.
  • By crossing things off I feel like I made the day so much better because its completed.
  •  I always try to factor in times for little breaks in the day like I would normally do at work to get a cup of tea/coffee. (It doesn’t always work in busy days I don’t get up much, which isn’t great)
  • I try to take a break around lunch but since I usually eat lunch at my desk at work I do the same at home.
  • I have lots of zoom meetings but during the meetings I give my attention to the meeting, I turn off email and slack to limit the distractions.
  • I end the day around 5pm each day (if possible some days later)


I physically put all my work away in a bin away from everything so I don’t continue to work non-stop which is a problem I have heard from numerous colleagues.  Then I relax with my family in the evenings.

By keeping this routine during the week and then sleeping late on the weekends allows me to stay motivated and focused on how we can work together to meet this crisis.   I think nothing should stop us in this time.

Please comment if you have questions or suggestions

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