Communications in organizations

Communications is key to organization success.

I have heard from leaders that they communicate through meetings and let there employees know what they are suppose to do. This is not what I mean when I say commutative, I mean you must share, the best employees are the one’s that are informed and can give honest feedback for the success of the organization.

Leaders need to share what’s on your mind, when you are unsure share that too. We all know as leaders that don’t like surprises, don’t believe in the same for their staff. (I know that isn’t possible all the time but once you can share). People will like the part they offer in an organization as well as become more productive. I like to write at least monthly sometimes more often, during the pandemic I try to write a weekly quick update on what I know. I also share what I don’t know.

Even if I know nothing new I try to ask a question, talk about the nation, the state of the industry or something that gives them my thoughts (limerick day, chocolate covered walnut day. Or something else). People need to have leaders talk, they need to hear from them. The more you do this and can communicate a message your whole organization will be more open and you will be able to work together for success.

If anyone is following what’s happening during the panademic. President Trump tried to give a daily briefing but he kept guessing and confusing everyone. Instead Governor Cuomo from NY has been given a daily briefing from March to Present, most days even Weekends. Somethings he doesn’t say much but he keeps showing data and telling us as much as he can share. I something’s didn’t like to hear it all and it got me upset especially with all those innocent Americans passing away. But I know everyday he is there for us. It shows powerful leadership no matter your politics. Please take a moment and watch one of these briefings. What do you notice? Consistent communication each and everyday, he also takes questions. He isn’t perfect but he keeps coming out even on days when he messed up, he comes out the next day and has his team with him to help him fail forward. Communication is Key for culture and success.

I know as someone who is working from home you may feel isolated in this panademic, there are things happening in the places we can’t all be at since we are only human we can only be at one place at a time. I know people joke that we should all have a clone so one can go to one meeting and clone will go to the other meeting, then at the end of the day you have some sort of mind meld where you combine all the information achieved. This all sounds great in science fiction but in reality this isn’t possible.

The only solution is to communicate across large organization boundaries and across areas. By doing this you are able to process the variety of information as well as be able to connect the dots to give everyone inside an organization, no matter what level the understanding the bigger picture of what is happening. We are not all CEOs of companies but by understanding there pain points you can better communicate and empower your teams. I sometimes try to put myself in their shoes (like President McMannis of SBU) it helps to look at their perspective to better understand ours.

I have been working on ways to better improve my communications to my team, besides the weekly meetings that occur.

These are my steps that I have been implementing to empower our teams.

  • Posting a weekly update on what’s on my mind even if its not positive, Being real is vital. This will be no longer then a paragraph or even just a few bullets. Writing it down gives it more weight then just saying it out loud
  • The second objective is to write a monthly summary of the challenges, accomplishments, and objectives that we are dealing with each month.

Third I am brainstorming on how to add in

    • Positive accomplishments
    • Objectives that of one team every month
    • Challenges/Roadblocks that I see or may not see could slow us down
    • Q/A – section for questions to hear feedback from everyone

I think all of these will help our communication through all organizations. As you work through your own organization issues please drop me a note.



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