Is Coffee Innovative?

Do you consider coffee to be innovate?   Recently I was thinking about this over my morning routine.  I walk downstairs and pick from a selection of different types of Keurig K-cup coffee flavors from such brands as Green Mountain, Van Houtte, Folgers that all have a Dark, Medium, Bold or Flavored.

As I was looking over the selection I though back to twenty years ago what did they do to have a cup of Joe.

They did what we think. They made a pot.  If you were at work this pot could be there all day or if you had a lot of people it would be brewing it through out a day.


Now we use a Keurig.   Anyone can walk in at anytime and make a cup.


What changed?  More variety, more choice, or the instantaneous of our lives.  It is more convenient.   According to some people its the best change that happened to coffee.   What are your feelings about it?

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