SBU EarthStock 2019

This past week was Stony Brook University Earthstock 2019, it was held in the student activities center but the excitement in the room that you felt from the jugglers, green costumes to the energy and passion of young people making a different to better the world was an event that I couldn’t miss.


I was delighted to see student entrepreneur Yark Beyan the winner of WolfieTank 2019 selling her products African Grow n’Glow.   She has been selling her products at shows around the NY metro area.  She just won a competition that awarded her $7,000 in start up funds to develop her idea. African Grow n Glow, her website offers all her efforts is to help people in West Africa.

Besides Yark, Kayoden the former Stony Brook student that owns Island soul Cafe in East Side Dining was there selling his new line of soaps.Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 9.57.42 AM.png

Around the room I meet students from Project Sunshine (helping kids in the Children’s Hospital) , R Climate (young people making a difference through advocacy), CentriSeed Innovations (a club developing technological solutions to climate issues) and iCREATE (promoting what innovation means using all recycled papers).

It demonstrates how by all of using working together we can make a difference.  I know I am always proud that in some little way I had impact on a few of these students to have the passion to go beyond the education the university offers and make a difference for all of us on this planet.



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