Space matters to spark creativity

As I investigate the nature of creativity, there is a link to the space and the idea generation that sparks creativity. Creativity is a development of an idea, or building something that is different than what exists. I have looked at a lot of academic spaces in higher education, when spaces are not kept up they lose the appeal that people need to develop the next best thing.

Here is an example of an older space. That I found recently that was open to the public.

What’s wrong with this space? The tables are brown tables and the walls are grey. The one benefit of this space is the natural light. But there is limited power outlets, which is essential with the technology that everyone has on them at all times.

To spark creativity through a space I found three components are necessary, natural light, positive colors and furniture that is fun.

This doesn’t have to cost a lot of funds it just requires effort and passion in developing this.

This space is one that meets the 3 categories, natural light from the windows, positive colors (painted the old science table) and the furniture is donated but we placed it in ways that made it fun. It doesn’t cost very much but it sparks creativity. Just look at this student using the whiteboard to come up with the new ideas.

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