Innovative Umbrella

It’s a rainy New York day in May. This year you can definite say that April showers bring May flowers. As I walk about my day of activities I started to look at my umbrella, I wonder if there is a better way to keep dry on a rainy day.

I did some research and for most people they use hoods, umbrellas or hats. This is the easiest solution but none of them are innovative. I went looking for that innovative solution.

After some research here is what I discovered the most unusually was the Nubrella which attaches like a backpack and gives you a complete cover over your head. It’s pictured here.

Which is good for working outside but I don’t think I its practically to carry around with you when you are going out for a walk. The others seem to have an angle on the traditional umbrella or enclose you in a complete ball as you walk. I don’t think that would be practical walking on the streets of the city.

I think I am going to have to stick with a compact umbrella or a large brim hat. What are your thoughts?

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