New York Taxi

We all think New York Taxi’s are dying due to the competitors of Uber and Lyft, as well as others. I disagree that I feel New York taxi’s are necessary for any time you are in Manhattan.

Last week I was in manhattan having to get across town from the West Side of town to east side to make it for an appointment. I tried walking but the wind started to kick up and began to shiver to my bones. It was that wind that we all have experienced that cuts right through us. So I tried to stop a cab. The first one that stopped was a cab sharing service that the guy waved me in. When I got in another woman walked up and said I have a big bag can I get in too. This just surprised me, I was about to say something when the guy said sure the more the merrier. I was in utter shock, how we were going to share a cab going across town.

I immediate got out to find another yellow NYC Taxi cab. They nice man stopped immediate, I told him the address he new the best route, especially when I was already running late. Then made a left on the next one way street and took me to 2nd avenue. He was polite, curious and reliable. He had no intention of doing anything else then driving me to my destination as fast as possible. We have all experienced those drivers in other cities that take you all they way around the city when you need to go three blocks and makes up some excuse.

New York Yellow city cabs are always looking for the most direct route especially with all the competition. Please utilize one the next time you are in the city.

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