Thinking back ..

We are in the middle of pandemic it’s early May 2020. I have been home more then 40 days, I haven’t been counting like many others. One of my colleagues said he hasn’t left his apartment in 50 days.

I started to think back about the times in the last year of some of the best things that I did in the past couple of years. Here are some pictures of cool experiences that I did. I am putting a number of these back in my list to do again. When you are home for a while everything goes into perspective.

What do you wish you could do?

Coney Island NY on the Boardwalk

Can’t think of Coney Island without..

How do you have a parade?

Bowling and rolling it down the lane for a strike.

We were hoping the Stony Brook Woman’s Basketball team could bring this home but the NCAA tournament was cancelled. Always next year. I miss sports.

Jane Fonda protest at the US capital. I was passing by going to my congressman’s office. How do we do these in the future?

National park in Georgia, definitely interesting experience

Disney world, can you guess as we’re this was taken? a fun day, but how would this be now post COVID19?

Building with a 3D printer grip and working in a group without mask/social distance

An Stony Brook MBB Basketball game at Island Federal Arena. It was great being in the crowd

Social distance meeting early March 2020 (but we didn’t have to wear masks). Now we would be wearing masks.

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