Zebra of Tanzania

While on Safari in Tanzania there were an abundance of animals. One of my favorite is the zebra. They are the smarter then numerous other of animals that are on the plains. They always seemed to walk in a line whenever they were heading to get water, as a way to ensure it was harder to go after a bunch all grouped together, since only ore or two would be eaten while they others would survive.

Another interesting thing is that not all zebras look the same there stripes are in different patterns if you look closely.

Then when they are together we saw them having two zebras facing the opposite ways as a way of protection. This allows them always to be watching each other’s back. I think this is what we each should do in life care about people. Always looking on the bright side of what people bring to us.

Here are some other beautiful pictures of zebras.

This was in the Arusha national park that was lush and green. Due to all the water in the area.

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