Family theme in Marvel Avengers Endgame

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to see the Marvel Avengers Endgame movie with my family. The whole movie was about fighting good versus evil and the struggle that hero’s must face against an enemy that is pushing their will on others. As I reflect the movie also has a large component about family.

It reminds me of a movie called “A Walk in the Clouds” about two young people return home to her family. This movie was about a family vineyard that had been in their generation for years. The family lived, worked and died on the vineyard, their fortunes and life’s were all tied together. They had a deep family connection that went back 400 years. They felt the most important connection they could have was between the generations of grandparents, parents, children and eventually grandchildren. They all lived under the same house and worked the land to survive.

I spend my morning thinking about at Marvel’s Avengers Endgame movie it was about family too, it had the dependence on friends, the acceptance of outsiders and the love family. All together support each other to accomplish one goal of defeating the enemy. The connection between friends that may have anger, loss also have reliability and trust. .

I think what made these movies memorable isn’t the fight of good vs evil, is the emotional connection they make to families. This is the type of connections that movie have to make to stay in our hearts and minds for many years. We all have families we support, we care for and love. This is what’s vital in everyday of our lives. I am thankful each day for the great family that I have and wish you the same.

If you go see the Marvel Avengers Endgame movie look at the family connections and how it relates to your life.

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