Flowers and Photos in Florida

The guide from yesterday included a great selection of flowers for us to see, I hadn’t realized how beautiful different flowers could be when you zoom in on them with you camera. We were testing the capabilities of a camper with these photos.

During the tour we found a butterfly garden, that had many butterflies and bee’s all around. Did you ever think about the life of a butterfly? Did you know they only live a short lifespan. The monarch butterfly that is captured in some of the photos below has a lifespan of 2-6 weeks. That is a short period. What would you do if you only had 6 weeks to live. I know I would definitely want to be enjoy everyday and make the most of it.

These were taking Leu Gardens Florida during our guided walk. The featured picture reminds me of the southern homes we have seen in old moves when you walk up to the main house on a farm.

This butterfly was almost posing for us were we able to get that close.

These flowers were amazing.

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