Author: David Ecker


Staying Motivated

I was asked yesterday how do you stay motivated during COVID19? I was thinking about this question overnight and realized that it might be helpful to share what I am doing to keep my...


Technology workshops

iCREATE has always felt training and workshops to be core mission in offering innovative technology services and entrepreneurial spirit to the Stony Brook University. This Fall we implemented a workshop that the iCREATE leads...

Zebra of Tanzania 0

Zebra of Tanzania

While on Safari in Tanzania there were an abundance of animals. One of my favorite is the zebra. They are the smarter then numerous other of animals that are on the plains. They always...


Construction of the Greenhouse

ICREATE has construction this summer of the greenhouse. Check the before and the construction, the completion is almost ready. The top photo is the Pop up greenhouse, thanks to our friends in Philosophy.

Ducks in Tree 0

Xcaret Park

We spent sometime in Mexico in 2019 while there we stayed next to Xcaret park.   The wildlife that the park offered was amazing.  At one point we were walking through a aviary this duck...


Africa giraffes with iPhone

While we were on Safari giraffes were abundant. Usually most animals you only see in the distance but we found these would allow us to get close to the truck. Here are a few...


Choice 2019

Sometimes we all gave problems choosing. Check out this guys choice. Could you make one? This is a picture of a customer in a local cart in Tanzania. I know I have the same...


Packing for trip

So we are traveling for the next 17days, all I get to bring is this duffel bag and backpack. I am not sure I will make it Oh. BTW. I can’t take any clothes...