June renovation update @ iCREATE

June 21st renovation update. It has been an exciting time at iCREATE we have already setup a pop up greenhouse space, thanks to our friends at Philiosphy. We moved the green screen and cleared tables out of the other rooms. New process and procedures are being developed as well as a update to continue to support the Think, Create and Innovate culture at Stony Brook University iCREATE which is part of the Division of Information Technology. It’s the vision to support the entrepreneurial and innovative nature that exists in all of us.

To quote one of my staff today “To foster Active Learning”. we are making everything better.

    Greenhouse has been cleared
    Toolbox has been redesigned and laser cutters being added.
    Inventory room has been built and designed
    Pop up Greenhouse configured
    Innovation Lab new tables
    HQ had a reconfiguration
    Much more

Good job iCREATE summer staff!!

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