The Garden District New Orleans

I walked around the garden district in New Orleans today. It was a perfect day in the low 70s no humidity and really able to insert the various architectural ideas they made in the various houses. I have included a few samples here. You should experience it.

I was disappointed that I couldn’t walk around layfette cemetery number 1. Mostly do to this story and others like it.

The guide told this story. I paraphrase here…

Supposedly it got closed last August’s cemetery number 1 after two incidents. The first being there was someone who came up to a funeral dressed in black with a photographer and asked everyone at the funeral to Move seats and rearrange so that taller people were sitting in the back, woman on one side or the other. Then after she was happy she started to do different poses and the photographer took pictures. When an officer walked up to her and asked her to stop she said I am an instagram influencer you should be delighted that I am here documenting this event. Then walked off. The mayors office of New Orleans heard and was so upset how do you disturb a funeral and not have any remorse.

The second was about all the vandalism happening at the various sites. I can’t people will do this to such sites.

Here are the pictures.

Layfayette Cemetery number 1
Strange turret on this house
Gothic house
A celebrity’s house. Can you guess who?

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