Elephants 2019 pt1

We spent some time recently in Tanzania, we saw lots of Elephants. On this day we found a family going to a watering hole. This family had lots of cute babies following their parents. This herd was in the Serengeti National Park. We were lucky to be able to have this group pass by our truck.

The elephants here are majestic creatures out in the wild. I have always been in such awe by them. They are the biggest land animals I have ever experienced. In my limited experience they are smart and travel long distances. Earlier in the week , we saw elephants walking down from a mountain top. They seemed to know the route like they have traveled it many times before, they knew how long it would take to get to the lake and leave enough time to travel back into the highlands at before nightfall where it’s more protected.

Enjoy some of these beautiful photos.

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