Today was an interesting day, I walked outside in the sunshine to take a break at the office. I left the office for a short walk the sun was shining and the air was crisp. I walked by a small pond and saw the turtles above.

Did you ever think about a turtles, what would be a normal day for them? I would think they wake up under the water. Inside some kelp or grass underneath the pond. All of a sudden they notice a light high above the swim up, they lay down at the waters edge to feel the warm sunshine. They sit there for a long time looking at all these people walking fast to places. The turtle just looks at them and says what’s the rush. They are missing the beautiful day, this spring day with abundant sunshine and warm weather. It’s so different then the cold wind that had chilled us to the bone all winter. The turtle thought, they should sit down for a bit and enjoy the sun before it’s gone.

Just at that moment when the turtle finished his thought. The sun disappeared and it began to rain buckets. People started to run to get out of the rain.

All turtle just smiled and thought you should have enjoyed it while it lasted. Then disappeared back into the murky pond.

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