ICREATE Feb 2020

It’s the end of the first month of the Spring 2020 semester at Stony Brook at university. Here is a quick list of exciting projects we are working on to benefit the campus students be more innovative and think out of the box skills that each employer is looking for in the modern workplace.

  • – InnovateIT a 24 hour Make-A-Thon event
  • – Admitted student day and WISE high school programs
  • – A wide variety of classes are using the facilities from Art, Engineering, Theatre and Philiosphy
  • – Faculty are learning about the One Button Studio and more are using it for classes
  • – SBU Inspirations is a new event where you highlight in video form a project you worked on, innovative idea or a exciting class assignment to that used technology.

This is a quick summary here are some exciting oictures

A class tour from the campus
Textiles Training
ICREATE staff listening to changes at iCREATE
Senior design project
AIAA working on there custom built plane

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