January 2020 iCREATE

ICREATE has had a dynamic busy winter break and start of the semester.

Over the winter break we had a few things that we wanted to accomplish and the awesome team worked together to accomplish them all.

1. We updated our process on all the laser cutters to ensure everyone was adequately trained and received an electronic badge. This took some testing but we implemented it at the start of the spring semester, 2 weeks into the semester it has been working well.

2. We implemented a new Edocs system for our internal documentation process and FAQ. We successfully developed an organization system by service and facility.

3. InnovateIT 2020 our 24hr Make-A-Thon will be on March 27-28th we worked with our sponsors and team to keep the planning process moving forward. We are excited for the keynote Cathrine Duty from HealtherU

4. Implementation of our MIX studio which is a VR/AR facility. Where classes and members could utilize our VR headsets for projects, as well as expose students to the variety of interactive environments this technology is offering.

David Ecker is Information Technology professional is the Director of iCREATE at Stony Brook University, adjunct Professor and is curious about innovation impact on society. His passion is the impacts of technology on society, travel, nature and the innovative changes happening around us.

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