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iCREATE Research

iCREATE at Stony Brook has been looking for innovative ideas to do research that could be interactive, fun and exciting.   This has been a goal for us from the start of the area, how do we design a way to conduct research at a University with students.

There are the traditional methods of surveys, electronic forms and now QR codes but they are not the spirit that iCREATE embodies everyday in our interaction with students.  We looked for a non-traditional idea that could work.

One of our staff came up with this idea of ping pong ball boxes.   It may seem like a simple concept that a box to store ping pong balls but it was designed out of acrylic, the student leads have developed a way to easy ask three questions based on pictures.  For a starting point they are asking are you happy, sad or blah but this is to get everyone familiar with the system.

We have plans to research on why people are innovative, how they approach different solutions as well as where the entrepreneurial spirit and drive comes from for each of us.   As you think of your research by making it interactive may allow for more creativity to flow.

David Ecker is Information Technology professional is the Director of iCREATE at Stony Brook University, adjunct Professor and is curious about innovation impact on society. His passion is the impacts of technology on society, travel, nature and the innovative changes happening around us.

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