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Innovative Umbrella

It’s a rainy New York day in May. This year you can definite say that April showers bring May flowers. As I walk about my day of activities I started to look at my umbrella, I wonder if there is a better way to keep dry on a rainy day.

I did some research and for most people they use hoods, umbrellas or hats. This is the easiest solution but none of them are innovative. I went looking for that innovative solution.

After some research here is what I discovered the most unusually was the Nubrella which attaches like a backpack and gives you a complete cover over your head. It’s pictured here.

Which is good for working outside but I don’t think I its practically to carry around with you when you are going out for a walk. The others seem to have an angle on the traditional umbrella or enclose you in a complete ball as you walk. I don’t think that would be practical walking on the streets of the city.

I think I am going to have to stick with a compact umbrella or a large brim hat. What are your thoughts?

David Ecker is Information Technology professional is the Director of iCREATE at Stony Brook University, adjunct Professor and is curious about innovation impact on society. His passion is the impacts of technology on society, travel, nature and the innovative changes happening around us.

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