Review of Microsoft Keyboard

March 23, 2019

I have been looking for a keyboard for my iPAD for the past few years. I tried the Microsoft Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard from Microsoft and it has become the best investment.

Microsoft Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

I started to look at keyboard a few years ago when everyone started to try the Microsoft Surface and began bringing laptops to meetings. I am not a fan of brining a computer to a meeting your focus is always drawn away from the reason we are getting together and I wanted something lightweight. I have found the iPAD to be the perfect work tool but needed a keyboard for those times when you needed to type a longer email or thought. I started looking at the Bluetooth wireless keyboard that came with Mac machines since we had extra in the office but they were bulky. I then tried a Logitech keyboard that a colleague had but my fingers were just two big and I clicked on two keys at the same time. Apple released its keyboard which I thought would be a perfect companion. I went to the apple store to try it and my fingers were to big again. I was frustrated and gave up the search about a year ago.

At the end of January I needed a keyboard to accompany my iPad because traveling there are times where typing on the iPad is inconvenient. This is when the Microsoft Keyboard came up in a number of reviews but the price was expensive. Luckily, I thought if it will work it would be worth the investment. I purchased it and it’s wonderful. Here is why I find it useful (even using it to write this post). The keyboard is lightweight only a few ounces, the keys are set apart at the right distance for larger hands. The fold in the middle with missing keys some could say its distracting but I find it keeps my fingers at the right positions for touch typing. It’s compatible with both Android and Apple devices. The feel of the keys is like you are on a regular keyboard in my office. The responsiveness and their is a slight clicking as you type which is very helpful in giving you the tactile feel we have all come to expect from keyboards. It’s ultra portable with the fold I can stick it in my back pocket (well almost), throw it in my bag with my iPad.

I recommend everyone to should own for their portable devices (even works with my phone). The perfect companion for us who travel and need a lightweight almost full keyboard.

Check it out here. Microsoft Foldable Bluetooth keyboard

David Ecker is Information Technology professional is the Director of iCREATE at Stony Brook University, adjunct Professor and is curious about innovation impact on society. His passion is the impacts of technology on society, travel, nature and the innovative changes happening around us.

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