NetFlix innovation 

I recently started to get back into NetFlix, I have been one of those subscribers that has had it since its inception when they only had DVD’s and then when Starz was part of their original streaming service, but when the movies went away I lost interest for sometime.  I recently was brought back by there new original series where they publish the whole series at once.   This is completely innovative that you can binge on a new series over a weekend.   Have you ever though of producing something that everyone can watch or read immediately instead over time.   Most of us think in small tid bits but what if you waited to tell 10/20 pieces at once.  Would that work better?  I am not sure but I think this new way NetFlix is releasing is going to change the way prime time shows work and haven’t changed in over 20 years.

I am enjoying DareDevil on Netflix, you should give it a look.

David Ecker is Information Technology professional is the Director of iCREATE at Stony Brook University, adjunct Professor and is curious about innovation impact on society. His passion is the impacts of technology on society, travel, nature and the innovative changes happening around us.

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